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The purpose of this blog is two-fold: first to gather opinions and strategies on dealing with the higher standards of conduct and performance that are placed on People of Color. The focus on religion will, of course, represent my Christian beliefs. But my discoveries in African history are bringing to life questions I’ve had all along — which might make me a “carnal Christian” to some. Regardless of labels, this will really be a “notebook” for me to gather my findings in a place where I can return to them as my knowledge increases.

Since this site launched during Black History Month, there may be more posts relating to that subject throughout the month. Look forward to future posts on Books, Health, Nutrition, Beauty, Music, Quotes, and Christianity/Religion.

The header for this page will change from time to time — not monthly as does my facebook page. For instance, Black History Month will be featured in the header during the month of February. March is Women’s History Month; so there’ll be some reference to it — as well as other events that have to with Living While Blacq.


In an effort to manage the various blogs I come across, I maintain a list of up to 12 which I will review over time before linking to them by category. I call this list The Dirty Dozen; and it’s displayed in the footer.

Blogs I decide to keep up with are listed according to category in the right navigation panel of the home page. That way, I can more readily access the type of content desired at any particular time. If you received a notification that I stopped following your blog, it’s (more than likely) been moved to one of the categories.