Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: Death of an Icon

On New Year’s Day, I came across a facebook post informing readers that Dr. Frances Cress Welsing had suffered a stroke and was in critical condition. I immediately recognized her image from random internet searches — mostly about African American culture and/or Black history. I surfed various websites — reading snippets about her renown. It was New Years Day; so I posted my greetings and well wishes on facebook, responded to friends’ greetings, worked on a couple of digital quote cards. All the while I saw post after post about Dr. Welsing’s condition and calls for prayer. However, it wasn’t until after I learned that she passed away on the following morning (January 2, 2016) that I purposed to know more about Dr. Welsing and her teachings.

With each new social media post, blog entry, and youtube video, I gained more insight into why the “Queen Mother,” as she is respectfully called, had such a tremendous following. But for her vast online presence, I might have felt cheated by not knowing more about her while she lived. During my discovery sessions about racial issues, she had not yet appeared on my radar. I’m sure I would have been inspired by her contributions to Black thought. I ventured to learn what I could about her. I had read some passages from her writings and lectures. But I wanted to hear her voice. What did she sound like? What were her mannerisms?

Thanks to youtube, I availed myself of her teachings. At this writing, I’ve watched and/or listened to videos of her presentations, lectures, and interviews. They all are enough to confirm that I missed experiencing a living legend. But I’m thankful that I still haven’t missed out. Not one to dwell on missed opportunities, I’ll just go forward with what is available (her publications and lectures). I already have a grasp of White Supremacy (Racism) or Racism (White Supremacy). I’m a stickler for syntax. So I was relieved to learn that she was flexible regarding the use of either.

As I listened to an audio interview of Dr. Welsing, I was able to match her voice with her image and writings. Her soft-toned delivery belies the ugly truths she has uncovered and shared. Needless to say, I’m hungry for more of her unapologetic analysis of white supremacy and the manner in which we can eradicate (or annihilate) it. I’m intrigued by her perception and much appreciative of her absolute deliverance of truth.

Dr_Welsing_Quote_4 copy

I got a working knowledge of White Supremacy (Racism) from Dr. Welsing’s appearance on The Carl Nelson Show interview: entitled Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: SCANDAL & SLAVE MOVIE Propaganda… LIttle did I know that the image of Dr. Welsing that I selected for the graphic was directly related to comments she made at the time the image was created. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s outstanding epilogue of Feminization of the Black Man…….With Dave Chappelle’s direct account of the system

I’ve, obviously, been on Dr. Welsing’s wavelength. This graphic is one I prepared to highlight part of Dave Chappelle’s quote regarding mail entertainers wearing dresses. Chappelle’s comments were referenced in the Welsing discussion.

Loved by many, Dr. Welsing and the legacy she leaves will be celebrated in various manners and venues.

I failed to broaden my scope to include Dr. Welsing’s concepts while she was alive; but that doesn’t prevent me from learning from those who will follow. Her legacy will help us to gain momentum both individually and as a people. Rest in Honor and Power, Dr. Welsing.


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