Hi. You can call me, “Miss Donna.” Regardless of your ethnicity, if you’ve seen a recent newspaper, newscast, or social media status, you understand the reason behind the name. “Driving While Black” is, of course, the model. On any given day, in any given city, Black citizens (mostly men under the age of 60 — yes, 60) are pulled over by the City’s “finest” for reasons that most men of other ethnicities need not be worried about. The most ridiculous reason I’ve seen was, “You made direct eye contact with me.” This was in Ohio. So it’s not limited to Southern cities. If anything, it’s probably worse in the midwest — not because of the numbers — but because our midwest brothers, until recently, were less likely to be targeted. I don’t have any stats. But I’m from the midwest; and I can see the difference.

I’ve seen memes and other social media references to doing things (routine, daily activities that most people take for granted) “while Black.” So, “Living While Black” covers it all. But I had to come with an alternative spelling because that domain name is in use?

Even though race issues are of great concern to me, finding solutions and working through them will be the focus of this blog. Will I rant? Yes. Will I rip somebody a new one? Only if they feel like I did. Will I guard my tongue when mentioning other races? Most times; but I prefer to call it, “being tactful.” Will I chastise my people? Yes — firmly and lovingly. But I really want this blog to be a place where readers will feel comfortable that they can find and/or offer solutions and just experience good conversation — like on one of those slow walks to the corner store.

ergo . . . “Living While Blacq” Since I’m launching in February, it may seem like it’s gonna be mostly Black History posts. But I hope you’ll stay with me as my other categories take form.

Other Things We Do “While Blacq.”